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  讲座主题:Service with Emoticons: How Customers Interpret Employee Use of Emoticons in Online Service Encounters


  讲座地点: B247



  Virtually no research has examined the role of emoticons in commercial relationships, and research outside the marketing domain reports mixed findings. This article aims to resolve these mixed findings by considering that emoticon senders are often simultaneously evaluated on two fundamental dimensions, warmth and competence, and the accessibility of one dimension over the other is critically contingent on salient relationship norms (communal vs. exchange norms) in customers’ minds due to individual and situational factors. Through laboratory and field experiments, the current research shows that customers perceive service employees who use emoticons as higher in warmth but lower in competence compared to those who do not (study 1). We further demonstrate that when a service employee uses emoticons, communal-oriented (exchange-oriented) customers are more likely to infer higher warmth (lower competence) and thus to be more (less) satisfied with the service (study 2). We also examine two practically important service situations that can make a certain type of relationship norm more salient: unsatisfactory services (study 3) and employees’ extra-role services (study 4). We speculate on possible mechanisms underlying these effects and discuss theoretical and practical implications along with opportunities for future research.


  李雪妮博士于2017年获得香港理工大学(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)市场学博士学位,2013年获得中南财经政法大学管理学(电子商务系)硕士学位,2010年获得中南财经政法大学管理学(电子商务系)以及华中师范大学(英语语言)文学双学士学位。李博士的研究领域主要包括网络服务营销、消费者行为、营销沟通策略和顾客-员工互动。李博士的主要研究成果将见于消费者行为领域的国际顶尖期刊Journal of Consumer Research,她本人也将入职香港浸会大学(Hong Kong Baptist University)任市场学助理教授。




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